Popular cryptocurrency influencer Pranksy bemoaned a long list of technical glitches that he says are currently plaguing the OpenSea NFT market.

NFT investors, collectors and founders of the NFT subscription service NFTBoxes.io have not been interested in the NFT gallery since the latest upgrade. According to leading NFT collectors, the gallery is practically "unavailable" and has existed for more than a week.

"So, since last week's 'maintenance' my @opensea profile is completely unusable," Pranksy said in a Jan. 15 tweet, "30,000 #NFT continue to disappear and then spontaneously return with no recent #NFTs arriving to show that hiding is proving problematic, what's happening?"

The complaint encourages other users to shelve their own technical issues in the NFT gallery, while others use the opportunity to market LooksRare, a nouveau riche gallery that launches vampire attacks on industry leaders.

OpenSea receives additional funding

On January 4, Devin Finzer, founder and CEO of OpenSea, announced that the company has closed its Series C funding round, raising an additional $300 million.

As Finzer explained at the time, the additional funds were earmarked for product development, recruiting, community investment, and improving site performance and stability.

"We are aggressively expanding our efforts in customer support, trust and security, and site stability and integrity," Finzer wrote. "We have expanded our customer support, trust and security team to more than 60 people and expect to more than double that team by the end of the year."

While the rapid expansion of the customer support and trust team will undoubtedly be welcomed by OpenSea users with open tickets, it does lend some credibility to the idea that the current team may be overwhelmed.

The latest figures from Dune Analytics show that OpenSea is on track to break records for sales this month. While this may indicate that the gallery is more useful than its critics believe, the increased volume may be the culprit for the problems users are experiencing.

When vampires attack

While OpenSea has been battling growing demand and criticism from influential user Pranksy, the vampire attack launched by LooksRare is posing a new threat to the company.

LooksRare NFT Gallery launched on January 10 with the promise of $120 million in LOOKS tokens for users. These tokens can be claimed by OpenSea users who have made at least three transactions on the marketplace. Users As of press time, these tokens are worth approximately $520 million, providing a substantial bounty.

So far, LooksRare's initial deal numbers look impressive, although some sites like DappRadar have mentioned concerns about laundering deals. In any case, the battle for NFT market supremacy seems to be heating up. As a result, OpenSea will address users' technical issues as soon as possible.


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