METABLAZE announces the upcoming pre-sale of its unique BSC-based utility token

METABLAZE officially announces the pre-sale of its special BSC-based token $MBLZ starting February 14, 2022. 5% of the total fixed token supply of 420 billion tokens will be used for the pre-sale.

Initial participants in the pre-sale will receive a 20% discount on the token price, as well as a 10% bonus on purchased tokens. Tokens purchased over $10,000 in value will receive these bonuses, as well as Founders Club NFT. The collection will be limited to 10,000 gnomes, with more creatures becoming available as the METABLAZE native game is released. What's more, early contributors will be eligible to receive a 10% royalty from secondary sales of Founders Club NFT on OpenSea in perpetuity.

METABLAZE is a thriving and promising decentralized finance (DeFi) and irreplaceable token (NFT) platform that is bringing an unparalleled experience to the cryptocurrency space. The platform features some of the most popular aspects of the blockchain and gives users access to Web 3.0. It is built on the Coin Smart Chain (BSC), a feature that ensures community members take full advantage of the platform.

The main goal of METABLAZE is to provide $MBLZ token holders with multiple ways to earn passive income and increase the value of their portfolio. On the one hand, the platform allows users to rise $MBLZ tokens in each transaction. Second, it has a decentralized application, BLAZEdApp, which allows users to be rewarded in any BSC-based token of their choice. Third, an automated deflation process performs token destruction on every transaction. This not only reduces the token supply, but also stabilizes the token price over time.

After the initial pre-sale, METABLAZE will conduct a second pre-sale where participants will receive a 5% bonus on tokens purchased. At the end of the pre-sale phase, buyers will receive the purchased tokens via airdrop, which will coincide with the increased liquidity of PancakeSwap.

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For the future, METABLAZE has several ambitious plans that will see it become the highlight of all Metaverse. The team is working to improve the utility and accessibility for both short and long term goals.

One of its plans is an attractive role-playing game based strategy game called BLAZIVERSE. The game will offer players additional opportunities to earn, spend and generate other in-game rewards. METABLAZE will launch the project in the coming years, during which time its features and utilities will be added for the benefit of its users.

METABLAZE NFT is a popular Web 3.0 trend that will be used in BLAZIVERSE. NFT will be mined on OpenSea and new mysterious creatures will be released every quarter. METABLAZE will even introduce holographic NFTs in real-world use cases.

By the end of this year, METABLAZE will be listed on the major centralized exchanges and its NFT marketplace will launch in 2023. Eventually, METABLAZE will launch its blockchain called BLAZECHAIN, bringing unique utilities to the metaverse.

Importantly, METABLAZE is built on a spirit of transparency and honesty, which it maintains through constant communication and open records. It has a team of six people with over 90 years of collective experience in entrepreneurship, fintech, banking, information technology, graphic design, project management, marketing and software development.